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Roof Damage

Signs of Roof Damage: Everything You Need to Know

a damaged roof

Learn how to identify the signs of roof damage to quickly identify whether your roof needs repair. When your roof is damaged, it can expose your home to serious problems, from water damage to soaring energy bills. But what roof damage signs can you look for to see if it’s time for a roof repair…

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Roof Protection: Avoid Denver and Littleton Area Roof Storm Damage

Dark gray storm clouds threatening to cause roof damage in Denver

How can you make sure your home and property are equipped with the best roof protection as we face storm season? We have 5 important tips for you. With summer arriving, the Colorado storm season is now in full swing. That also means roof storm damage is likely for many residents in Denver and throughout…

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Littleton Roofing: Storm Damage Roof Repair Tips

Storm damage to roofing in Littleton

When your roof is damaged in a severe storm, it’s hard to know where to start the process of storm damage roof repair. There are insurance claims to file, inspections to schedule, and decisions to make on whether to repair the damage or, in some cases, replace your roof. At CJ Roofing, we’ve helped many…

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Signs Your Rental Property Needs a New Roof

A house isn’t complete without a roof. Roofs give us privacy, shield us from the elements, and above all, provide us with shelter. It therefore only makes sense to keep it in great shape. As a rental property owner, there’s no quicker way to lose tenants than a leaking roof. It’s important you keep your…

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How to Identify Roof Wind Damage – Your Residential Roof

Residential Roofing – After High Winds 4/27/2015 While hail may be the ‘usual suspect’ that most homeowners associate with weather-related roof damage, high winds can also compromise the integrity of your roof system and lead to moisture infiltration issues such as leaks, which could result in issues such as mold growth. In fact, according to […]

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What is a Roofing Contractor, and What Exactly Do They Do?

What is a Roofing Contractor? 7/15/2015 Installing an effective roofing system is an important investment—one that is not to be approached half-heartedly, as quality roofing solutions are designed to last a long time. Excellence in manufacturing of roofing materials is crucial, and how well the installation is performed plays an equally important role in the […]

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Hail Damage in Denver, Aurora, Boulder, and Littleton

Hail Damage in Denver, Aurora, and Boulder 9/10/2015 sifted through all hail insurance claims for 2014 and compiled a list of the hardest hit states. Colorado came in at #3, with 42,365 insurance claims due to hail damage. There were a total of 359 reports of large hail, mostly in the Front Range Urban […]

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What Causes Roof Leaks?

4 Most Common Causes of Roof Leaks in Denver 10/5/2015 Any roof can spring a leak, even a well maintained one. Between hail, snow, and severe weather, Denver roofing takes a beating. The question is: what now? Here are some common causes of roof leaks, and signs of potential damage. Clogged gutters: gutters can become […]

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