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Roof Protection: Avoid Denver and Littleton Area Roof Storm Damage

How can you make sure your home and property are equipped with the best roof protection as we face storm season? We have 5 important tips for you.

With summer arriving, the Colorado storm season is now in full swing. That also means roof storm damage is likely for many residents in Denver and throughout the Front Range. Our team at CJ Roofing is experienced in inspections, repairs, and roof storm damage prevention for folks throughout Denver metro and Littleton areas. In today’s post, we’re offering some key tips to keeping your property safe from harm.

Repair damage to shingles and siding

Your shingles are the cornerstone of roof protection. If you have loose shingles or damaged pieces of siding, you should schedule a roof repair before the next storm hits. Damaged or loose shingles can lead to leaks in your roof, with mold or water damage soon to follow. Gaps and missing portions of siding or roofing should be an even higher priority. The gaps left by missing shingles are prime spots for wind to grab hold and cause further damage to your home and its roof.

Keep rainwater flowing

Another key to preventing storm damage to your Denver property is to ensure effective drainage from your roof. If water can’t run off your roof, it’s likely to accumulate and will have more opportunity to seep through weak points. Keeping gutters clear of leaves and other debris should be sufficient for most homes. For commercial building owners, make sure your drainage system is up to the task, as water is the main enemy of flat and low-slope roofs. If scuppers or gutters aren’t cutting it, you may want to consider an internal drainage system.

Make sure your sump pump is working

Roof protection isn’t the only important aspect of protecting your home from risk of damage from Colorado storms. Many folks never realize their sump pump is broken until their basement is already flooded, causing thousands of dollars in damage. Check that your sump pump is operational early in the year, and call a technician promptly if it isn’t. If you’re particularly concerned with basement flooding, you may consider installing a backup pump or a small generator. This will keep water out of your basement even in the event of a broken pump or a power outage.

Do walkarounds of your property to check for hazards

It’s vital to keep your home, and especially your roof, in tiptop shape before storms arrive. But you should also check the perimeter of your property for potential hazards. Large, overhanging tree branches are liable to be knocked down by the next wind storm, causing severe damage to your roof. If storms are forecasted to arrive soon, it’s also a good idea to bring items such as lawn furniture, tools, and scattered toys inside. Wind storms can pick up such items, turning them into damaging projectiles that may dent siding or even break windows.

Double-check your insurance coverage

Depending on what kinds of storms are common in your area, you’ll want to make sure your property is adequately insured. For example, protection against roof damage caused by a hail storm is key for homeowners in Denver and throughout the Front Range, where hail is quite common. Other folks, such as those with properties in areas prone to flooding, will want to make sure they’re covered for the hazards unique to their area. A local roofing company or other general contractor can help you learn more about common sources of storm damage to properties in your area.

CJ Roofing: Experts in Roof Protection in the Denver Metro and Littleton Area

Storm season can be an uneasy time for homeowners and business owners. Between wind, heavy rains, and hail, there are many ways a severe Denver storm can damage your roof. That’s why our team at CJ Roofing is always standing by to repair your roof well before the next big storm hits. Our team of local Denver roofers has served the Front Range of Colorado since 1978, so we know a thing or two about storm damage. Whether you’re in need of an inspection or a repair, CJ Roofing is the one to call. Contact us today!