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Regular inspections from skilled Arvada roofers can add years to the life of your roof!

Your roof is strong enough to protect your home, but a little care and maintenance goes a long way toward keeping your roof in good shape. Along with cleaning and prompt repairs, a roof inspection is perhaps the most important thing professional Arvada roofers will recommend when it comes to effective roof maintenance. A roof inspection can help identify any roofing issues before they worsen, saving you money over more serious repairs. 

At CJ Roofing, we always recommend roof inspections as part of any roof maintenance regime. With the busy season for roofing right around the corner, now is the perfect time to schedule that inspection! Let’s take a look at why you should schedule your Arvada roofing inspection today.

When should I schedule my roof inspection?

Typically, Arvada roofers will recommend that you schedule a roofing inspection about once per year. The best times to do so? Either in the fall, before winter sets in, or early in the spring, before the busy season when the Front Range will start being hit by Colorado’s famed hail storms.

As it’s now March, the calendars of most Arvada roofers will start filling up as property owners notice leaks and other roofing issues brought about by the harsh winter season. The sooner you schedule, the faster you’ll be able to ensure that your inspection is completed in time for the Colorado storm season!

Why Arvada roofers recommend regular roof inspections

You might be thinking: “I haven’t noticed any problems with my roof. Why do I need an inspection?” That’s a great question! There are many reasons to schedule a roofing inspection proactively, and not just when you notice damage. Here are some excellent benefits:

Identify hard-to-spot leaks and issues before they worsen

If your roof is leaking, that’s an obvious sign that you need an immediate roof repair. However, professional roofers can catch drainage issues or minor damage that can lead to leaks well before you notice droplets of water falling from your ceiling. 

In other words, the single biggest reason to schedule regular roofing inspections is that seasoned Arvada roofers will be able to identify trouble spots on your roof that you’re likely to overlook. By identifying this damage early on, those same Arvada roofers will then be able to fix the problem before water enters your home and starts causing more serious issues!

Help make the insurance claims process easier

If your roof has sustained damage, an inspection will help identify all the issues currently affecting your roof. This gives your insurance provider all the information they need to cover the damage.

In addition to that, a roof inspection helps you keep tabs on the health of your roof. This helps in establishing causation for your insurance company should your roof become damaged later on. If you have a recent log of your home’s roof being in perfect health, it’s much easier to establish a claim for hail or other types of damage to your roof. 

Make sure you’re properly maintaining your roof

Keeping up with home maintenance can be difficult—especially when it comes to your roof, which is less accessible and visible than other parts of your home. To that end, a roof inspection can help keep you honest when it comes to roof maintenance. 

A professional roofer will be able to let you know about clogged gutters, moss or algae growth, or accumulating debris on your roof. Not only that, but most Arvada roofers will be happy to clear up those issues for you as well!

CJ Roofing: Your Reliable Arvada Roofers

Here at CJ Roofing, we’ve reliably served Arvada and the rest of Colorado’s Front Range as expert roofers since 1978. That’s more than 40 years of experience providing high-quality roofing solutions that stand up to all the extreme weather we get here in the Rockies!

When you call on CJ Roofing for your roofing inspection, you can be confident that our seasoned roofers will spot any potential issues impacting your roof. Don’t put off checking up on the health of your roof. Contact us today to schedule your roofing inspection before the storm season arrives!