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Why Now Is the Time to Complete Your Littleton Roof Repair

As the air begins to cool and fall marches on, don’t forget to contact your Littleton roofer to schedule any roof repairs you may need. Winter is a harsh time for any roofing system, especially in Colorado. And as it happens, fall is actually the ideal time to complete roofing work! Here at CJ Roofing, we want to make sure you and your family are safe and warm through the winter. Here’s why we recommend scheduling your Littleton roof repair now, before winter sets in.

Winter is not the time for roof repairs

Some conditions are simply better for roofing work than others. For example, the height (and heat) of summer can be a tough time to complete outdoor work, as any kind of strenuous activity is made even more difficult by high temperatures. Winter, meanwhile, brings freezing temperatures that can interfere with the installation process. For instance, asphalt shingles can become brittle in colder temperatures, making them difficult to work with, while adhesives and sealants may have difficulty setting properly in the freezing cold. And that’s to say nothing of summer storms and winter snowfall!

Fall is best for roofing work

Meanwhile, for every reason winter isn’t good for roofing work, fall is an ideal time to work as a Littleton roofer. The best temperature range for roofing work tends to be around 45 to 60 degrees. Clear weather (not cloudy or rainy) is also best for roofing. Fall represents the perfect medium here. As the summer heat abates, and before freezing winter temperatures arrive, conditions become perfect for getting roofing work done. Fall generally lands after summer storms are lone gone, while also coming before the worst snowstorms of winter. In other words, fall is sort of the “Goldilocks zone” of roofing weather.

Wintry conditions make roof damage worse

Any Littleton roofer will tell you that the ideal time for a roof repair is as soon as possible. This is true at any time of the year, but the approaching winter makes things especially urgent. That’s because winter is probably the toughest season of all for your roof to endure. Here in Colorado, winter brings heavy snow accumulation, high winds, and ice storms that can turn even minor damage into a major problem. As we’ve covered previously, winter is a time to be extra vigilant of problems with your roof. That starts with scheduling repairs, inspections, and other maintenance before the season arrives in force!

Avoid high heating bills while keeping your family warm

There’s nothing quite like curling up in the warm safety of your home while winter rages on outside. With a faulty roof, however, this becomes more difficult. A damaged roof can allow in cold air and moisture, which can make your home feel a lot less cozy and safe. While your heating system may be able to keep up, you probably won’t like the energy bills you get as your roof lets the cold air seep in. Calling on a Littleton roofer to fix your roof before winter will keep your family safe, warm, and happy, all while saving you money in the long run.

CJ Roofing Is Your Trusted Littleton Roofer!

As you look to get your roof in top condition for the winter months ahead, you need a roofing partner that knows how to get a roof in shape for this brutal Colorado season. CJ Roofing is the right Littleton roofer for the job! Since 1978, we’ve provided a full slate of roofing services for homeowners in Littleton and across the Front Range. With four decades of experience under our belts, we have all the expertise needed to get your roof ready for winter. Whether you need a roof repair, a roof replacement, or just an inspection, CJ Roofing has you covered. Contact us today!