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Presidential TL Shingles

Get the look of wood shakes at a fraction of the cost with Presidential TL shingles from CertainTeed

Here at CJ Roofing, we work with only the best roofing materials in every project we do. To us, that means products that create a great look for your home while providing excellent durability and value. Presidential TL shingles from CertainTeed are one of our favorite products that offer all of these great attributes and more. A tri-laminate fiberglass shingle, this material offers the look of elegant cedar shakes at a much more affordable cost. So today, we’re talking about presidential TL shingles and why you might want to consider them for your next residential roofing project!

Who is CertainTeed?

Before talking about this material, it’s good to get to know the manufacturer a bit. CertainTeed is among the roofing industry’s most respected manufacturers. Since 1904, they’ve built a track record of more than a century developing innovative and high-quality roofing materials to meet a wide variety of roofing needs. Reliable materials start with reliable manufacturers, and we have a lot of respect for CertainTeed. Not only that, but CJ Roofing also bears CertainTeed’s highest distinction as a SELECT ShingleMaster, allowing our Denver roofers to offer their best warranty options.

What are Presidential Shake TL shingles?

In short, presidential TL shingles (also called Landmark TL) are a tri-laminate shingle made to look like cedar shakes. These shingles are composed of three layers of laminated fiberglass, resulting in a tough shingle that resists damage from the worst weather in Colorado. Their fiberglass composition also makes them highly fire resistant compared to the wood shakes they’re meant to emulate. Presidential Shake TL shingles are also sculpted with an old-world cedar shake look, which provides a versatile, aesthetic look and excellent curb appeal. 

Why choose Presidential TL shingles?

You have a wide variety of options when it comes to residential roofing materials for your home’s roof. Most homeowners want to give their home a beautiful appearance while still protecting it effectively from the elements. Of course, in doing so, it’s always good to save money as well! Here are a few excellent reasons to go with CertainTeed’s Presidential Shake TL shingles:

Excellent durability and fire resistance

Wood shakes remain a fairly popular roofing material, but the potential for fires that they carry has often been a concern. While modern wood shakes are manufactured in a way that reduces this risk, some cities or neighborhoods may not permit wood shakes! Presidential TL shingles on the other hand, are naturally fire-resistant, carrying a UL Class A fire resistance rating.

The beauty of wood shakes, with more versatility

Despite the fire resistance concerns, the reason wood shakes have continued to be so popular is that their appearance is hard to beat. Wood shakes add a unique, somewhat rugged appearance to any home, which meshes well with the breathtaking natural backdrops found throughout Colorado. With Presidential TL shingles, you can emulate this look with the added bonus of versatility thanks to this material’s availability in many colors and looks.

A fraction of the cost of cedar shakes

The manufacturing of genuine cedar shakes is a fairly expensive process. When you add in the expenses of adequately fireproofing this material to meet building codes, the result is one of the pricier roofing materials available on the market. Presidential TL shingles, on the other hand, are much more affordable, making them an attractive alternative that doesn’t skimp on appearances!

CJ Roofing: Experts in Presidential TL Shingles!

Here at CJ Roofing, we have more than 40 years of roofing experience. In that time, Presidential TL shingles have ranked among the most popular materials we work with—and with all the benefits this material offers, it’s easy to see why! When you work with CJ Roofing, you can count on nothing but the best workmanship and customer service. What’s more, as CertainTeed SELECT ShingleMasters, you can count on our expertise and get the benefits of CertainTeed’s most powerful warranties. If you think Presidential TL might be right for your home, contact us today!

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