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Roof Repair

Why Now Is the Time to Complete Your Littleton Roof Repair

a roof being repaired

As the air begins to cool and fall marches on, don’t forget to contact your Littleton roofer to schedule any roof repairs you may need. Winter is a harsh time for any roofing system, especially in Colorado. And as it happens, fall is actually the ideal time to complete roofing work! Here at CJ Roofing,…

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Flashing Materials For Roofs: Know Your Options

What Materials Are Used in Roof Flashing? 6/9/2015 Roof Flashing: What materials are used? Roof flashing is key to protecting your home. Learning your options can help you determine which option is right for your home. Roof flashing requires the use of three different types of materials. Basic Flashing material – see below Expansion joints […]

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What is a Roofing Contractor, and What Exactly Do They Do?

What is a Roofing Contractor? 7/15/2015 Installing an effective roofing system is an important investment—one that is not to be approached half-heartedly, as quality roofing solutions are designed to last a long time. Excellence in manufacturing of roofing materials is crucial, and how well the installation is performed plays an equally important role in the […]

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A Good Roof Drainage System is Important to Your Roof

Gutters and Drainage are Important to your Denver roof 10/2/2015 A good drainage system is an important part of a Denver area residential roofing system or a commercial roofing system. The NCRA cites a National Climate Assessment report that states the frequency of “very heavy” precipitation has been on the rise for 60 years. Having […]

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What Causes Roof Leaks?

4 Most Common Causes of Roof Leaks in Denver 10/5/2015 Any roof can spring a leak, even a well maintained one. Between hail, snow, and severe weather, Denver roofing takes a beating. The question is: what now? Here are some common causes of roof leaks, and signs of potential damage. Clogged gutters: gutters can become […]

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Storm Damage Roof Repair – Tips on How to Manage

Repairing Your Storm-Damaged Roof 3/27/2016 When that big storm hits – whether expected or out of the blue – you need to promptly inspect your roof for damage and make preparations for repair.  Roof damage, as well as downed trees and power lines, can occur even at wind speeds of 50-60 mph, although that wind […]

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Roof Warranty – Information on The Two Basic Coverage Types

Roofing Warranties 6/30/2016 Warranty Coverage for your New Roof When you are facing a project as important as a roofing job, you need to do some homework first to be sure that your new roof will be covered by a warranty if problems arise.  There are two basic warranties involved. First is the manufacturer warranty, […]

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