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A Good Roof Drainage System is Important to Your Roof


A good roof drainage system is an important part of a Colorado area residential roofing system or a commercial roofing system. Learn more about how proper water flow.

The NCRA cites a National Climate Assessment report that states the frequency of “very heavy” precipitation has been on the rise for 60 years. Having a correctly installed and well-maintained drainage system is an important factor in keeping your home safe.

Drainage systems that are properly installed and well maintained will drain water away from your home as quickly and efficiently as possible. When drainage systems become clogged, rusty, cracked or damaged they can cause water to flow poorly.

Poor water flow control can be the source of a number of problems:

  • Water can pool on your roof, causing weight strain and increasing the chances of a leak or other roof damage.
  • Water can also drain onto your siding, foundation, or other placed you don’t want water to accumulate.

So how can you maintain your gutters and drainage? One way is to clean them regularly. Keeping your gutters clean is an excellent way to assure your roofing and drainage systems are doing their job. This also gives you a chance to check your gutters for cracks, excessive rust, and other damage. If you see anything you question, call a qualified roofing contractor for an inspection.

Another important step is to get regular roofing inspections from a qualified roofing company. Inspections should be performed twice a year and after major storms. This gives you a chance to catch minor drainage and roof damage before it becomes a more serious problem for your home.

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