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Chimney and Gutter Maintenance


New roof? Learn more about other important components, such as how to maintain chimneys and gutters to keep them functioning properly.

So you’ve decided to get your roof replaced. You know you’ll need to choose a contractor and choose a roofing material. But what else? What other things should you think about if you’re getting your roof replaced?

When we think of our roof most of us think of shingles, but the truth is there’s more to a complete roofing system. The gutters, flashing, and a properly maintained chimney also contribute to keeping your home safe and dry. If you’re already considering a new roof, make sure you ask your contractor about these as well.

Gutter maintenance

Your gutters play an important part in channeling water away from your home. If your gutters are rusting, leaking, or detaching water might start pooling or pouring into your siding or trim. When your roof is inspected, make sure to ask your contractor about the state of your gutters.

For newly installed gutters, and existing, it’s important to maintain them. Keeping your gutters clean is an excellent way to assure your roofing and drainage systems are properly functioning. This also gives you a chance to check your gutters for cracks, excessive rust, and other damage.

If you see anything you question, call a qualified roofing contractor for an inspection.

Chimney maintenance

Many homes, especially older homes, have chimneys. If your chimney is in use you probably have it regularly cleaned and maintained. If your chimney isn’t in use, it still may need some TLC. Some roofing contractors also do chimney and masonry work, and some don’t. Talk to your contractor about the needs of your roof.

The most important thing is to listen to your contractor, read all the paperwork, and ask questions. Your roof is a big investment. Make sure you work with your contractor to get the job done right.