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Why You Should Have a Hail Damage Roof Inspection After Storm Damage

Why You Should Have a Roof Inspection After Hail DamageEach year Colorado’s storm season leaves a path of destruction in its wake. While some years are worse than others, strong winds and hail damage are simply par for the course on the Front Range. If you suspect that you are in need of a hail damage roof inspection, we encourage you to take note of today’s post. Time is of the essence for multiple reasons. Let’s explore why you should have a roof inspection after hail damage.

Protecting Your Property

Hail damage can cause a lot more problems than unsightly dents in your siding or erosion of granules on your asphalt shingles. If left unaddressed, hail damage can dramatically shorten the lifespan of your roof, cause ice damming in the winter and so much more. When exposed to Colorado’s extreme weather elements, what begins as minor hail damage can quickly become a larger problem.

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Hail Damage Isn’t Always Obvious

Many homeowners make the mistake of completing a quick survey of their property for obvious signs of hail damage and choosing not to have an inspection completed. If your neighborhood has been hit with hail, chances are a roofing professional can point out areas of concern that the average consumer would miss. Don’t make the mistake of completing your own hail damage roof inspection, leave it to the experts!

Winter is Just Around the Corner

Snowfall and winter weather are just around the corner here in Colorado. If you have in fact sustained hail damage, heavy snowfall and ice storms can quickly exacerbate the issue. A roof inspection now, while the weather is still warm enough to complete a repair or replacement, is your best line of defense.

Hail Damage & Insurance Coverage  

You only have a predetermined amount of time to file an insurance claim after your home has been hit with hail. Depending on your coverage and provider, you may be surprised to learn how quickly that window can close. Do not risk losing the opportunity to file a claim, schedule your hail damage roof inspection today!

Hail Damage Roof Inspection

At CJ Roofing, we’re proud to offer free, no-obligation hail damage roof inspections. If you suspect that recent inclement weather has damaged your property, remember time is of the essence. Winter weather will soon be upon us.

Having served property owners throughout Colorado for the past 40 years, we’re prepared to put our knowledge and expertise to work for you. Schedule your hail damage roof inspection today!