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Littleton Roofing: Storm Damage Roof Repair Tips

When your roof is damaged in a severe storm, it’s hard to know where to start the process of storm damage roof repair. There are insurance claims to file, inspections to schedule, and decisions to make on whether to repair the damage or, in some cases, replace your roof. At CJ Roofing, we’ve helped many Littleton residents solve their roofing problems with top-notch roof repair services. In today’s blog post, we’re offering a handful of tips to keep in mind when your residential roofing is damaged by severe storms. Let’s get started!

Wait out the entire storm

No matter how quickly you want to find out about storm damage to your roof, safety should always be your first priority. It’s important to stay indoors for the entire duration of the storm. Keep an eye on weather forecasts in your area to find out how long storms are expected to continue. Once storms have passed, you can head outside to look for damage.

Check for common forms of roofing storm damage

Severe storms can damage your roof in a variety of ways. Hail storms are an especially common threat to residential roofing in Littleton and the rest of the Front Range, but high winds and heavy rains can also cause problems. While you should stay off of your roof to avoid causing further damage, here are some ways to spot damage from the ground:

  • Hail damage – Any visible dents in your roof are a telltale sign of hail damage. For those with roofing materials such as clay tile, broken tiles will also signify hail damage. Elsewhere, look at parts of your home such as fences, flashing, and gutters. If these are dented or otherwise damaged, your roof may have been damaged as well.
  • Wind damage – Missing shingles and loose flashing are good indications of wind damage. If there are trees near your home, look for large downed branches that may have impacted your roof as they fell.
  • Water damage – While heavy rains alone won’t generally damage your home, such rainstorms can reveal leaks in your roof. If water has built up in your gutters, this may lead to water seeping into your roof and causing mold or mildew to form. Of course, water stains on interior ceilings are also a clear sign that your roof isn’t watertight anymore.

Document damage and submit a claim for storm damage repair

For every bit of evidence indicating damage, take notes and photographs where possible to aid you in submitting an insurance claim. Do this before cleaning up. Removing debris can make it seem as though the damage the storm caused was less severe than in reality. Once you’ve compiled your evidence, submit a claim as promptly as you can. You have a limited time to make a claim for storm damage roof repair needs. The specific limits can vary, but as a general rule, it’s best to act quickly to make sure you make your claim within that window of time.

Contact a roofing company near Littleton for an inspection

When you submit your claim, you’ll eventually need to make an appointment with an insurance adjuster to assess the damage. Before this appointment happens, it’s important to have your roof inspected by a local roofing company near Littleton, and ideally more than one. Having estimates from a professional roofer will help you make sure your insurance company gives you a fair assessment. Roofing companies will generally provide this service for free, and you’ll also get the added bonus of establishing contact with a roofing company near Littleton for the eventual repairs.

CJ Roofing Offers Free Inspections in Littleton, CO

At CJ Roofing, we know getting your roof restored following a storm can be a very stressful process. With experience serving homeowners throughout the Front Range since 1978, we’re prepared to give you a fair assessment of storm damage to your home. We know how to spot damage from hail, wind, rain, and everything else Rocky Mountain storms can throw at Littleton roofing. If you think your home may have been damaged by recent storms, fill out our online form for a free roofing inspection!