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Winter Roofing: How Cold is Too Cold to Roof?

Proper installation is just as important to the longevity of your roofing system as the materials used, especially for winter roofing. How cold is to cold to properly install?

When comparing quotes and roofers, property owners often overlook the essential element of installation. If you’re currently in the market to hire a Denver roofer, we encourage you to take note of today’s post. Discover the optimal temperature for installing your new roof, information you can use as you contact local roofers and determine who to trust with your roofing project.

denver roofer: how cold is too cold to roof?How Cold is Too Cold

The optimal temperature for installing a roof is between 45° and 50°, particularly when working with asphalt shingles. This temperature range allows shingle strips to bond forming optimal thermal shields. Once temperatures drop below 40° it is too cold to install a roof. However, it is important to keep in mind that we do experience spikes in temperature during the winter months here in the Mile High City. Should your roof need to be replaced during the winter months, we can select an optimal time to complete the work when the forecast allows.

Other Variables to Consider

In addition to temperature, there are other variables to consider if you are in need of a roof replacement during the winter months in Denver.

Moisture Shields

Once a roof has been installed, it takes time for a moisture barrier to form. If temperatures drop and snowfall accumulates shortly after installation, the moisture barrier of your new roof can be compromised. If you are speaking with a Denver roofer about completing an installation in the winter months, be sure to consider the long-term forecast as well.

Potential Damage

A severely damaged roof can allow moisture into your home and pose a threat to its structural integrity. Despite cold temperatures, in some cases allowing a damaged roof to go unaddressed until warmer weather prevails can cause more harm than good. When speaking with Denver roofers about your options, it’s important to discuss the short-term and long-term risks and benefits. In many cases, temporary repairs can get your roof through the winter months allowing us to delay your replacement without posing a threat to your home.  

Cold Temperatures and Asphalt Singles

When temperatures drop, asphalt shingles can become brittle and less flexible making them more difficult to cut. This can also cause nails to be either overdriven or under driven, shortening the expected lifespan of your shingles. To avoid these issues, shingles can be stored in a heated garage or warehouse until just before they are installed. This is a great way to beat the cold and expand the expected lifespan of your new roof.

Risk to Winter Roofing Crews

Roofing in cold temperatures can also pose a threat to the crews completing your job. An experienced Denver roofer will be able to determine if weather conditions pose a threat and advise against completing a job in dangerous conditions.

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denver roofer: how cold is too cold to roof?

At CJ Roofing we have been proudly serving property owners throughout Colorado for more than three decades. During that time, we have earned a reputation at the most trusted Denver and Littleton area roofers. Our staff of highly skilled and experience roofing experts is on hand to help you explore your options. If winter temperatures have you concerned that nothing can be done about your damaged or aging roof, we encourage you to go ahead and contact us today. While we might advise against completing a replacement at that this time, we can certainly help you explore your options and protect your property. Our residential roofing services include:

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