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Roof Replacement Process: How Littleton Roofing Companies Replace Your Roof

Roof Replacement: How Roofing Companies in Denver Replace Your RoofAt CJ Roofing, our Littleton roofing experts are in the business of helping property owners through every step of the roofing process. Whether you’ve recently sustained damage from severe weather or your aging roof is simply in need of replacement, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s take a closer at how the top roofing companies in Littleton complete the roof replacement process.

6 Key Steps of the Roof Replacement Process

Preparing the Property

Before any roofing material can be removed, it’s critical to first prepare your property for the project. By taking precautions at this time, we are able to prevent damage. Any roofing company that does not take the time to prep the space should not be trusted with your Littleton roofing replacement.

Removing Existing Roof

Once the prep work is complete, our crew begins to remove existing roofing materials. The time required to complete this step depends on your existing roofing materials and if shingles have been layered. Once all materials have been safely removed from your roof, it’s time to survey the decking.

Decking Inspection & Repair

All roofs are installed on top of decking. Depending on the age and health of your roof decking, the inspection and repair process can vary dramatically. Our crews take this opportunity to check for wood rot and water damage. They also ensure that all decking is secured to your roof rafters. This critical attention to details ensures the longevity of your roof as well as the aesthetic appeal.

Preparing Decking for Roof Installation

Once we made any necessary repairs to your decking, it’s time to prepare it for your roofing installation. This process includes all of the underlayment of your roof. Metal drip edging is installed around the entire perimeter of your roof to prevent water seepage. An ice and water shield is then installed to protect the rest of the roof from taking on water. Finally roofing felt is put in place over the ice and water shield.

New Roof Installation

Once the decking is prepped, our crews go to work installing your new roof. New roofing materials are carefully put in place and the final touch is the installation of flashing and ridge vents and ridge caps.

Final Inspection

The job is not complete until we are fully satisfied that your new roof is up to our rigorous standards. We will complete a meticulous inspection before giving it the CJ Roofing seal of approval.

CJ Roofing: The Roofing Company in Denver for the Job

At CJ Roofing, we’re proud to serve Denver property owners and we consider it a privilege to earn your business. If you’re ready to learn why we have been one of the top roofing companies in Denver for more than 4 decades, we encourage you to schedule your offer free, no-obligation roof inspection today!