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What is a Drip Edge? And, Do You Need One on You Roof?

Hail Damage Inspection: Do You Need a Drip Edge on a Roof?When pricing out a roof replacement following a hail damage inspection, we always encourage property owners to consider adding drip edge. While this may be required by code in most areas, some roofing companies will not include drip edge in their initial quote and is an added element that you should ask to have included. Not sure if it’s worth the extra expense? Let’s explore the benefits of drip edge and how it can protect your roof from damage in the future.    

What is Drip Edge?

A drip edge is a simple metal flashing used to control water shed in critical spots on your roof.  Placed around the edges of your roof, this non-corrosive material protects your roof from the threat of dangerous and costly water seepage in its most vulnerable areas.  

Where Do You Need Drip Edges?

Ideally drip edging should be installed between the fascia and sheathing of your roof, this forms a protective barrier and prevents leakage. One of the most important areas to install drip edges is at your roof’s eaves. The eaves of a roof are the most susceptible to water drippage, an issue that can compromise the integrity of your entire roof.

The Benefits of Drips Edges

Extends the Life Expectancy of Your Roof

Perhaps the most important benefit of drip edging is adding years of life to your roof. For a nominal added cost, drip edges can protect your roofing materials from premature aging. By warding off leakage and threats of wind and water damage, drip edges will not only add years to your roof but give you peace of mind.

Protects from Potential Water Damage

Because drip edging seals the otherwise exposed area between your fascia and your roof sheathing, it guards against water damage. Even the smallest leak can quickly grow into a major problem, a threat that properly installed drip edging and virtually eliminate.

Protects from Damage in Winter Months

During the winter months, frozen precipitation and ice dams can build up on your roof. As ice begins to thaw, water can become trapped and begin seeping under fascia, a threat that drip edges keep at bay.

Insect Protection

Another risk of having exposure between sheathing and fascia is insect infiltration. These areas are prime targets for termites and other destructive pests. With drip edging in place, these pests have no refuge.

Forces Water to Shed Properly

Proper watershed is critical for virtually all areas of your home, from your foundation to your roof. Drip edges help to control water shed, particularly when heavy rainfall hits. Think of drip edging as a damn protecting your roof from Mother Nature’s most destructive storms.

Protects Decking

The shear nature of wood decking makes it susceptible to rot from water damage. Because decking is the baseline of your roofing system, it’s critical that you protect it. By simply having drip edges in place, you dramatically reduce the risk of water seeping in and damaging your wood decking.

Reduces Risk of Wind Damage

Colorado’s strong wind storms can wreak havoc on your roof. When strong gusts get in between decking and fascia, the integrity of your entire roof is in jeopardy. This is once again a threat that can be mitigated with properly installed decking.

Skipping Drip Edging Does Not Save You Money in the Long Run

For a relatively small added cost, drip edging can protect your new roof investment for years to come. When considering the total cost of ownership of your new roof, having to complete repairs that could be prevented with drip edges simply doesn’t add up. Save yourself the stress and time required to complete roof repairs, and even an untimely replacement, by investing in a drip edge today.

CJ Roofing: Hail Damage Inspection

If you are in need of a hail damage roof inspection, you’ve come to the right place! At CJ Roofing, we are proud to offer free, no-obligation hail damage roof inspections. Should we recommend a complete roof replacement, our quote will include the cost of drip edging. Ready to get started? Give us a call today!