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Sustainable Roofing: DoD Goes Green


Boulder isn’t the only place where solar sustainable roofing is becoming the new normal. Businesses and homeowners across the country are looking into sustainable options including cool roofing and solar roofs.

The Department of Defense is taking steps to reduce waste and energy costs for its roughly 500,000 buildings. Sustainable roofing and building materials have been gaining ground, especially for companies that maintain multiple facilities.

The DoD has researched various options to lower energy costs and reduce waste, including retrofit metal roofing systems, which allow for solar thermal water collectors and solar thermal air systems. These metal roofs can be coated with a cool finish coating which reflects more sunlight than a traditional metal roof, allowing for savings of up to 40% on summer cooling costs.

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Rainwater harvesting systems are another option, allowing the roofs existing drainage system to keep the water it collects in a cistern. This water can then be re-used for landscaping and flushing toilets. Solar panels, or photovoltaic panels, allows a building to not just save energy– but to produce energy.

These sustainable roofing options aren’t just available to companies with the buying power of the DoD–many increasingly affordable and sustainable options are also available to homeowners.

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