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How Asphalt Shingles Protect the Home – Impact Resistant, Cool Roofing, and Solar Roofing


If you live in an area with hail, high winds, or excessive heat, there might be a few additional considerations when choosing a roofing material. Asphalt roofing has come a long way and offers many features and protections for your home.

How asphalt shingles protect the home:

  • If you live in an area where hail and severe weather is common, consider an impact resistant shingle such as Presidential Shake Impact Resistant or XR 30 Impact Resistant. To protect your home against the elements.
  • If you live in a hotter climate, cool roofing is available to lower the temperature of your roof. It’s covered by a reflective coating that reflects infra-red radiation from the sun. Products like Landmark Solaris GOLD and PLATINUM offer amazing heat reduction that can reduce cooling costs by up to %20.  few areas require cool roofing on new construction—make sure to check your local building codes.
  • If you live in a sunny area, solar roofing may be right for you. Solar roofing gives you the option of using the sunlight that hits your roof to power your home. Learn more about solar roofing here.

Whichever asphalt roofing you choose, make sure you hire a qualified roofing contractor to install your roofing. A roofing contractor can often answer any questions you may have and give your advice on roofing in your local area.