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Guide: How to Choose Roofing Material for Your Home

A Guide to Selecting the Right Roofing Materials for Your HomeSelecting the right roofing materials is one of the most important decisions you will make when taking on a reroofing project. With so many applications on the market today, how do you choose the right roofing material for your home? We’re here to help.

As a leader among Denver roofing companies, we are always happy to educate property owner about the wide range of roofing materials on the market today. Whether you’re simply looking to replace your existing materials with a similar product or you’re hoping to breathe new life into the exterior of your home, we’re here to assist. We hope that today’s post will help you begin to narrow your options. And as always, if you’re ready to chat with an expert, we’re just a phone call away!

Staying True to Your Home’s Aesthetics

The existing architectural style of your home is an important factor to consider as you shop for materials. While a new roof can certainly add a fresh design element, it’s important to stay true to the character of your home. If you have a mid-century modern ranch for example, a synthetic shake roof is probably not the right choice. You could instead consider a wide variety of styles of concrete tile and more. At CJ Roofing, our highly experienced team of roofing professionals can help you explore the looks that are best suited to enhance the curb appeal of your home, all while staying within your budget.

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Roofing Types

Not sure which style(s) you like best? Familiarizing yourself with the different types of roofing available is your first step in selecting the right roofing material.

  •  Concrete Tile – available in a wide variety of styles and textures, these roofs also come with a lifetime warranty.
  • Laminate Composition Shingles – one of the most commonly used roofing materials on the market, these durable shingles come with a warranty lasting from 30 years to a lifetime.
  • Class IV Shingles – designed to hold up to Colorado’s harshest weather conditions, you may uncover a savings on your homeowners insurance if you choose these shingles. You can expect a warranty for 25 years to a lifetime.
  • Metal Roofing – available in a wide assortment of profiles and colors, metal roofs are a great option for those looking for a durable, long lasting roofing application.
  • Synthetic Roofing Materials – designed to give the look of slate and shake without the maintenance, this is the roofing material of choice for discerning Colorado property owners.
  • Tri-Laminates – these thick asphalt shingles can give the appearance of shake and come with a lifetime warranty.

Safety Concerns

Extreme weather conditions, coupled with fire danger, makes life in the Rockies very unpredictable. With all of these environmental variables comes added safety concerns. As one of Denver’s top roofing companies, we consider safety to be of the utmost importance. As a result, we only offer materials designed to withstand extreme weather and reduce fire danger. Be sure to inquire about safety concerns as you compare materials.

A Guide to Selecting the Right Roofing Materials for Your Home

Choosing the Right Roofing Color

Another fun way to add aesthetic appeal to your home is to change up the color of your roof. Some property owners find this to be the easiest way to achieve a new look while remaining in keeping with the existing materials on their aging or damaged roof. Check out our color guide for more tips and tricks to pick a color that compliments the look of your home.

CJ Roofing: Leader Amongst  Littleton Roofing Companies Since 1978

Selecting the right materials for your roof replacement can actually be a fun exercise. Look at it as an opportunity to give your home a makeover. Even if in the end you decide to simply go with the same materials and a similar color, exploring your options first will ensure that you don’t have buyer’s remorse later. Have questions? We’ve got you covered! Our highly experienced staff is on hand to walk you through each step of the process. We can help you determine which materials to consider based upon your budget, the look you’re hoping to achieve and more.

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