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Complete Roofing Systems–The Essential Components


What goes into a complete roofing system? More than meets the eye! Here are some details of the parts of your roof, and how they all fit together.


The roof deck is the wooden structure of your roof. All your roofing materials are attached to the roof deck, so the roof deck should be inspected and repaired, if necessary before the roofing is installed.


The underlayment is a barrier between your roof deck and your shingles. There are two kinds of underlayments: waterproof and water-resistant. Make sure to discuss with your roofing contractor which is best for your home. CertainTeed offers both varieties. WinterGuard™ is a waterproof underlayment, and Roofers’ Select™ or Diamond Deck™ are water-resistant protective layers.

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Flashing is an important part of your roofing system: it’s the extra protection for the parts of your roof that might be vulnerable to leaks: such as around chimneys and pipes or where your roof meets your walls. Many roof leaks are the result of incorrectly installed flashing.

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Keeping your roof well ventilated is important to protecting the long-term integrity of your roof and of your home. Make sure to talk to your contractor about ventilation, and make sure it’s included in your estimate.

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The shingles are the top layer of protection for your home, and they are directly exposed to the elements. Make sure the shingles you choose are the best choice for your home.


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