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Does Roof Ventilation Really Work?


Everyone who has a roof has probably heard of ventilating the roof, but does roof ventilation really work? And what does roofing ventilation really do for you?

What if you live in a colder climate, is it still that important? In short: yes.

Roof ventilation is important in any climate, and in some ways, it’s even more important during cold weather.

Hot Weather Roof Ventilation

If you’ve ever had to go into the attic space of your home during warm weather, you understand the need for ventilation when it’s hot or sunny. The attic space of a home can get very hot very quickly.

Roofing ventilation provides a much-needed release of hot air, keeping your attic space as a buffer between yourself and the hot air outside.

Cold Weather Roof Ventilation

The dangers of poor ventilation in cold weather are less well known. In general, keeping heat in sounds like a good thing. It can cause problems though when your roof gets warm enough to melt snow that then starts seeping down your roof and refreezing. Your roof is designed to channel water away from your home, but when water freezes, especially on your eaves, it can cause small ice-dams that keep water on your roof, soaking through your shingles.

Fortunately, regardless of the weather, attic ventilation is a key factor in resolving these problems. A certified roofing contractor can inspect your roof for issues and make recommendations for adding or adjusting roof vents.

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