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Littleton Roofing Codes & Requirements

As roofing codes change across city and country boundaries, we put together helpful information on Littleton Colorado roofing codes, requirements, and nuances for you!

One of the interesting things about roofing is how the job can vary dramatically depending on where you are. Roofers in Colorado, for instance, have to worry about hail more than those in Florida, where hurricanes and constant rain are a much greater concern. Sometimes the city you’re in can even make a difference. Building codes and requirements differ throughout Colorado, whether you’re a roofer in Littleton, Boulder, or anywhere in between. At CJ Roofing, we’ve been a preferred Littleton roofer for years, so we know a bit about the quirks of roofing in this city.

Here are a few of the key Littleton roofing codes, requirements, and nuances to be aware of:

A tale of three counties

If you’ve ever looked at a map of Littleton, you may not have noticed anything amiss. If the county lines were shown on that map, though, you certainly might have! One of the strangest quirks about Littleton is that the city limits fall within not one, not two, but three different Colorado counties: Arapahoe, Jefferson, and Douglas. 

For a roofer or any other trade worker in Littleton, that means there are a lot of nuances in building codes and requirements to keep straight.

For instance, ice and water shield is frequently used in roofing to defend against ice dams and hard rains. In Jefferson County, this is always required—but in Douglas County, it’s only required if your home is above 7,000 feet.

Thus, it’s good to keep in mind what county you’re in before beginning a roofing project. And it’s good to make sure your Littleton roofer knows, too!

The mid-roof inspection

For any roofer, Littleton, or otherwise, roof inspections are just part of the job. A roof inspection is an excellent way to make sure your roof can stand up to the next round of Colorado weather and identify trouble spots. These inspections are typically done on completed roofs. Littleton adds another kind of inspection to the mix–the mid-roof inspection.

Required by the City of Littleton, the mid-roof inspection is done before the roofer has installed any finishing materials (such as shingles). After the existing roof covering has been removed and once the new underlayment has been installed, a city inspector performs the inspection.

The goal is to make sure the underlayment and other key components, such as flashing, are all installed properly. If the work holds up to inspection, the project then continues as normal.

Wood shake roofs: restricted, but not banned

Many cities in Colorado (and fire-prone regions such as California) have banned traditional wood shake roofs as a result of the fire hazard they present. This is not true of Littleton, as a roofer can still install a wood shake roof. However, the material must be of the highest grade of wood, #1 grade, which comes from the tree’s heartwood. Still, while the City of Littleton does not ban wood shake roofs, some Littleton roofers do not work with the material. Additionally, wood shake can cause your insurance premiums to increase due to fire risk. Be sure to consult with your insurance provider and your Littleton roofer to decide whether wood shake is right for you.

Common Littleton roofing codes every roofer should know

While some codes and requirements set by the City of Littleton are a bit unique, there are also many that are quite common and that any roofer is likely used to following.

There are minimum requirements for insulation, directives on proper roof ventilation, and requirements for replacing compromised flashing.

There is also a list of requirements for proper installation of asphalt shingles, as these are the most common residential roofing material.

Overall, any professional roofer should be able to follow the basic Littleton roofing codes and requirements. But, to get all the nuances down, be sure to hire a roofer with plenty of experience working in Littleton!

Ask your Littleton roofer plenty of questions!

No two roofing jobs are alike, and that’s especially true in a place with such varied codes and requirements like Littleton. That means you’ll be better off hiring a communicative and professional roofer you feel comfortable talking to. The best roofers in Littleton are the ones who are well-established in the area and who don’t mind answering any questions you might have about building codes. 

When you hire an established roofing contractor, you also get the benefit of being able to see their reviews and track record. Further, any warranty they offer carries a lot more weight. Since an established roofing company has been in business for a while, you can trust that they’ll be around to back up their work!

A final note: avoid any Littleton roofer who skirts the rules

Wherever there are rules, there’s someone who will try to break them. Unfortunately, this is just as true in the roofing industry as it is anywhere else. Sometimes, unscrupulous roofing companies will attempt to circumvent codes and requirements, or they’ll skip out on important paperwork such as permitting and insurance. These companies will then try to attract customers by offering discounted rates.

Don’t be fooled! Working with these kinds of companies is a risky proposition, as you can be on the hook for hefty fines. What’s more, any company willing to cut corners when it comes to regulations is probably just as willing to cut corners when it comes to installing your roof. So, treat any offers to ignore codes or cut corners as a major red flag. Instead, work with a Littleton roofer that has all the proper documentation and knows the codes and regulations of the city inside and out.

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