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Is Replacing Your Roof a Good Investment? Yes! (Study-Supported)


As a homeowner, it’s sometimes hard to know the best ways to improve your home. Roofing is an important undertaking and many homeowners wonder, “Is replacing your roof a good investment”? And, “what’s the best way to make my home more beautiful and comfortable?”

To help answer this question, The National Association of Realtors and The National Association of the Remodeling Industry recently conducted a study compiling surveys of realtors, remodelers, and homeowners. Their goal was to find out which home improvement projects brought the most satisfaction, and which were the best return on investment.

According to the study:

  • 45% of realtors have suggested that homeowners trying to sell their homes might replace your roof to make the home more appealing to buyers
  • 32% said that a new roof recently helped them close a sale on a home. In the study, it was one of the few projects that actually paid for itself entirely—and then some

Replacing a roof is a big investment. Do your research beforehand, and make sure you find a credentialed, licensed contractor who’s experienced installing the kind of roof you want on your home.

Find a roofing contractor who will walk you through the process, and who is comfortable answering your questions. Make sure you’re one of the 61% of homeowners who want to stay home more since completing their roofing project.