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How to Hang Holiday Lights on Your Roof, Safely


Having a beautifully decorated home is something many homeowners look forward to every year. But the nuts and bolts of setting everything up can be a hassle. Planning ahead is important though, especially if you want to keep your home and yourself safe.

How to hang holiday lights on your roof, safely:

  1. Check everything beforehand. Make sure your lights are working, and make sure any strands of lights are untangled before you start.
  2. Check all cords and outlets. If you find any sign of fraying, damage, or rusting discard or repair before continuing.
  3. NEVER put nails or staples through your shingles. Even a small hole in your roofing can cause problems. Always attach lights to your gutters or eaves.
  4. Make sure ladders are on level ground and are properly secured.  Make sure someone is present to help secure ladders and help with handling decorations.
  5. If you place any decorations or figures on top of your roof, make sure the follow manufactures guidelines for walking on your roofing. Also, as above, never puncture your roofing material.

Outdoor holiday decorations are a big part of the season. Make sure your home is both beautiful and safe this year. Poorly attached decorations can damage your home and incur expenses later, so make sure to always properly install decorations. After all, anything worth doing is worth doing well.

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