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Common Roof Problems That Lead to Early Replacement


Learn more about the common roof problems that lead to early replacement, and how you can prevent prematurely replacing your roof.

In general, a properly installed roof is one of the most reliable and durable parts of a house and should last between 20-50 years. Without the right care and maintenance, any roof type can fail. Here are some of the most common roof problems that can cause roof failure:

Inferior Workmanship

A modern roof is a highly engineered construction. Every component, from the shingles or tiles to the number of nails has been thoroughly researched. A reputable roofing contractor makes a commitment to follow all construction standards while installing a new roof. Not following these standards will lead to roof leaks, missing tiles and shingles, and an overall depreciation of the entire roofing system.

We ensure that every roofing installation job we do meets all manufacturer standards.

Poor Design

Not all roofs are designed the same. Some designs such as low-slope roofs need special attention and are constructed differently than steep-slope systems. Poor design shouldn’t be a common roof problem, but unfortunately it can be. Not everyone follows the guidelines so be sure to do your research while deciding on the best roofer for your home.

Lack of Flashing

Some contractors will try to avoid the additional expenses and the labor necessary to install the metal or plastic flashing. However, it is an essential element to prevent your roof from leaking as it enhances the waterproofing seal in areas such as roof protrusions.

Roof Traffic

Having third-party companies come in to provide maintenance on your roof, including cable companies installing satellites or having skylights or venting installed. Any type of foot traffic on your roof opens it up to risk of damage due to the potential of compromising the materials used on the roof. Be sure to decide on all the options and accessories you would like to have prior to installing your new roof. This could save both time and money in the future.

No Preventive Maintenance

Typically, homeowners are reluctant to follow up on simple preventative maintenance measures. This is one of the most common roof problems, that is one of the most preventable. As previously discussed, be sure to have your roof annually inspected by an experienced roofing professional that has been trained to spot potential problems.

For more information on roof replacement solutions, contact our team with any questions you may have.