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Roofing in Aurora, CO

Living in Aurora can be a challenge when it comes to home maintenance. From extreme hot and cold, to heavy snowfall, to intense hail storms, your Aurora roof will take a beating. Even compared with other communities in the Denver Metro area, Aurora has its own set of challenges. Aurora, located at the edge of tornado alley, has the added threat of tornado damage.

CJ Roofing offers many roofing services to the Aurora area including:

We are licensed and experienced with the building codes in the region, and we offer a full line of roofing services for both residential and commercial properties. We are equipped to respond quickly to requests for all our products and services.

The professional team at CJ Roofing will work with you to make sure your home is safe and efficient. We are dedicated to making sure you buy the roof that is right for your home, and making sure your roof is properly maintained. We also offer professional roof inspections which are key to repairing roof damage before it causes more serious problems. This is especially important in Aurora, and any area where hail is a common concern. Hail can quickly damage a roof and cause leaks; it can also weaken shingles which will cause problems down the road. If your roof has been exposed to hail, contact the professionals at CJ Roofing schedule a free roof inspection in the Aurora area.

Please make sure to visit our portfolio to see our work in Aurora and the Denver Metro area. Give us a call at 720-644-8194 and let us help you with your Aurora roofing needs.